What's For Dinner?

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Each week, the average Pierce County household throws away three pounds of edible food. Multiply that by all of the households in the county and it quickly adds up to 15,000 tons of wasted food going to the landfill every year.
Meal Planning: Your Secret Weapon

You can waste less food by planning ahead and following a few simple steps.

1. Check your schedule
How many dinners will you cook at home this week? Don't overplan—be realistic.

2. Write down meal ideas
What sounds good? Ask your family to help you with suggestions.
Print a blank meal planning sheet

3. Make a shopping list
Write down what you need. Remember to "shop" in your own kitchen first.

4. Take your list shopping
Don't forget to bring your list with you to the grocery store!

Printable meal planning sheet
The links on this page are here to get you started with meal planning. They are not endorsements for any specific websites or products.
Cooking Light's Sunday Strategist
A week's worth of dinner plans.
Meal Plans From The Kitchn
Meal Plans include recipes, a shopping list and a plan for cooking it all.
Serious Eats
Recipes and inspiration.
Save The Food
Tips for reducing food waste at home.
Customized meal plans, recipes and shopping lists all in one place. Great for learning how to cook.
Big Oven
Organize and share your own recipes, plan meals and create a shopping list.
Plan your meals using ingredients you already have on hand.
Benefits of Meal Planning

Save money
You’ll use up what you have and won’t overbuy at the grocery store.

Cook once, eat twice
Leftovers equal tomorrow’s lunch.

Healthier choices
You’ll make fewer unhealthy impulse purchases.

Less stress
Make a busy schedule less hectic because you already know what’s for dinner.
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