Emergency Plans

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA)

In order to prepare and plan for emergencies which might strike the county, it is necessary to understand hazards that potentially could impact it, what their history of activity is in Pierce County and how vulnerable the citizens of the county are to those hazards. The HIRA serves as a basis for the development of plans, public education programs, responder training and exercises. The Pierce County HIRA is not a detailed study of the hazards and their impacts, but rather it describes those hazards felt to be the greatest potential threat to people, the environment, personal and public property and the economy.

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)

This is Pierce County's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP). This is an emergency management plan with elements that address all natural and technological emergencies and disasters to which Pierce County is vulnerable. The CEMP specifies the purpose, organization, responsibilities and facilities of agencies and officials of Pierce County in the mitigation of, preparation for, response to and recovery from emergencies and disasters.

Emergency Operations Center Plan

The purpose of the Emergency Operations Center Plan is to provide guidance and procedures for the activation and operation of the Pierce County Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The procedures established in this plan are considered supporting documents to the Pierce County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP). This plan focuses on the response phase of emergency management and the transition to recovery. It is applicable to county EOC operations for hazards and contingencies outlined in the CEMP and the most recent Pierce County Hazard Identification & Vulnerability Assessment (HIVA).

Mount Rainier Volcanic Hazards Response Plan

This Mount Rainier Volcanic Hazards Response Plan provides an overview of the geological science associated with Mount Rainier, the current status of the river valleys, and the potential impact to the valleys. It identifies warning and public information methods, and outlines actions to ensure getting valley residents to safe ground in a worst-case volcanic scenario. The plan also addresses recovery priorities and mitigation measures to lessen the impact of a re-awakening of this majestic volcano.

Homeland Security Region 5 Strategic Plan

The Region 5 Strategic Plan provides the framework through which we will strengthen our ability to defend against, deter, dissuade, mitigate, and ultimately respond to and recover from terrorist attacks and natural disasters within the region.

Pierce County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Mitigation is the effort to reduce loss of life and property by lessening the impact of disasters. This is achieved through risk analysis, which results in information that provides a foundation for mitigation activities that reduce risk, and flood insurance that protects financial investment. The Pierce County Hazard Mitigation Plan takes all of this into account as we develop mitigation measures to lessen the impact of local disasters.
FAQ Mitigation

Region 5 Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Region 5 Hazard Mitigation Plan is a multi-jurisdictional plan encompassing 72 jurisdictions to include cities and towns, fire districts, school districts, universities and special-purpose districts such as utilities and the Port of Tacoma.